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This gifted lettering artist and creative writer (me), was born in 1956 in Hollywood, California and raised in nearby Van Nuys. Yes, I was born in Hollywood - at a hospital!

I began writing in 2005. This started for the amusement of a friend’s teenage daughter who had a flair for shopping at Wal-Mart, I would occasionally send to her a crafted email satirizing the world’s largest retailer. These were titled “Wal-Mart News.” I then sent these emails to a small group of friends and family. My creative wit was appreciated and encouraged; I found that I had a talent for writing.

I then began to send out “articles” on a variety of subjects other than the retail giant. Though these were all parodies, emails came back asking if the information true! For further interest in this controversial episode of my early career, read the 2005 piece Trendy WAL–MART News Writer Fears He Has Committed Irreversible Literary Suicide.

In 2007, my fanciful, fake articles, settled under the umbrella name of “Not Quite Right News by Mark Golden”. Included on this website, aside from the “News”, are social and religious commentaries and the occasional, but humorous, odd piece. All stories are original and copyrighted.

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Me at the ancient city of Petra in Jordan





By Mark L. Golden


—I Wrote A Book–

Now I want you to read the book, “The Ring of Torrents: A Jewish Mary.” That’s the title of my historical, literary fiction novel. I’m proud of what I’ve done. Over the months, beside me, many qualified hands helped form the pages into a professional work.

Two years ago, what started as a short story about First Century Israelites, Yosef and Miryam, slowly turned into more stories about them, but mainly about her. Then came the realization that my writing had value, and I needed to continue. The life of this one significant Bible character grew into many speculative episodes (not found in, but based on Scripture and Hebrew culture). Then came the commitment. Finally, I admitted to myself that I was writing a book―my first.

This young Jewish woman, Miryam, was sought out by an impressive winged-agent named Gavri’el (who represented the most well-known Producer ever). After not much more than an “elevator pitch,” she found herself drawn into an exciting plot written by Adonai. Figuratively, she wrote her signature on the scroll of parchment laid before her―and accepted the part. Much of the plans Miryam presumed for her future she soon found replaced by unique, heavenly designs.

If you are willing to hop over familiar lines into a foreign land, and if you are up for honest and healthy challenges to your faith, or curious enough to step away and go into the mind and heart of ancient Miryam―read the book―and join her there.                                Go To The Ring of Torrents Web Page     


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—I Wrote Another Book–

My new book The Drop has just been released. It’s a contemporary mystery set in Manhattan at the United Nations. Have you ever wondered how much you’re being watched–and by who–and why? Or, is this feeling only in our heads? Are some people ever set up for a unique plan, but not told the

plot? Is technology and the Internet–friend or foe?

Follow and walk right beside, a woman who, after being

tripped, finds herself at the bottom of a very strange,

high-tech rabbit hole, in the middle of New York City.



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